Wednesday, November 30, 2011

e !

Each day when Leo finishes his morning worksheet I guide his hand to write "Leo" at the top. Lately he has been attempting writing it on his own. The L and the o were fairly easy to get the hang of, but the lowercase e has given him imagine the excitement yesterday when he showed me this:

"Mini-Leo" also held his paper up the same way so I could take a picture of him. Silas watches Leo's every move! Thankfully Leo doesn't get annoyed.   :)

And for some more cuteness... can you believe she's four months old already?


  1. Way to Leo! So proud of you. Keep up the great work.

  2. I use handwriting without tears, and I have a classroom of boys. We teach them to write the letter e by saying, "hit the ball, run around the bases, and stop on third". Let's just say, my boys can write awesome e's. However, the can't write a decent E for anything.

  3. Great idea Michelle! I was sort of talking him through it by saying "make a FLIP!" :) But I love the baseball analogy. Definately appeals to the boy side