Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A little glimpse of "lately"

We've been having a great time doing the same old thing! Taking advantage of the early spring weather with little field trips to the zoo and afternoons in the backyard. Our afternoons have been filled with library trips, lots of reading, art projects, couch-cushion fort building, and other fun!
Bella enjoyed the opportunity to feed Elsie her first solid food, and they've all had a lot of fun playing pretend together...today they played house (Bella was the mommy of course) and the ever-popular "dog" play, where one kid is the puppy. (so much better than the real thing if you ask me! :)
I've gotten a few extra projects done lately, including painting trees in the kids' bedroom, and finishing some sewing projects I've procrastinated on too long.
We had a great month...and we're all excited about SPRING!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Our mornings

We are enjoying our morning school time so much. We go into the classroom when Jason leaves for work and begin with the worksheets that are in each box. I set these out the night before so they're ready to go. Silas likes to mimic whatever the big kids do so I had to get him a box too!
After the worksheets are finished they quietly move on to another activity they choose. This morning Leo decided to do some drawing and them practice his cutting...little pieces that fell all over the floor...then together we swept them up.
Silas went to the stringing beads. He usually chooses the wooden train set so this was something new. He wanted to sit next to our visitor...a moth Isabella caught last night in the living room (let other bugs take that as a warning!)
Isabella finished her work last since it is more advanced then she helped Silas do a puzzle. I try to vary her work each day. She usually has a handwriting worksheet, a brain challenge one (something like visual discrimination, etc) and then usually a cutting/ pasting project.
At some point during the hour Elsie is ready for her nap so I leave and put her down. I try to leave something really engaging to work on so that in the time I takes me to go upstairs and put her in bed chaos doesn't erupt. Lol.
After our school time we usually head outside (or downstairs if the weather is bad) to get some energy out. I always try to stop school when they're still having fun so they keep wanting more! :)
At 10:00 we have snack time and I read aloud from our current chapter book. We are on the last chapter of Farmer Boy and we're all sad to let it go! We've really enjoyed it.
After snack they play a bit then get to watch a show at 11. That gives me time to get lunch made and my other jobs. After lunch we head into nap time and that's the end of yet another morning!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Little Big Brother

Silas, Elsie and I took a quick trip to the baby resale shop today to sell some things we didn't need and while we were there Silas played in the toy area. He wanted Elsie to sit and play too, and was so sweet to her! He brought her toys and made her eggs in the pretend kitchen. But the thing that really made me smile was his concern that she would fall. He kept putting his arm out saying "Don't fall down Elsie!" Usually he doesn't notice her much, but today those big brother instincts were really kicking in :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Valentines Day crafts begin!

Isabella has started a creating frenzy now that Valentines Day is just around the corner! We do LOVE this holiday! I got the excitement from my mom, who made the day super special for us as kids...helping us make crafts and put coupons in our paper bag mailboxes that we opened together on the big day. My favorite coupon to get was always "This coupon is good for time alone with mom" What a special treat!
I think this year just may be the time to start coupons at our house... :)

Sweet baby rolls

Is there anything so wonderful to hold as a plump little baby girl? I never get enough!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

A new perspective

Elsie is sitting up all by herself and so very happy about it! :) I love watching my babies grow and learn.