Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A little glimpse of "lately"

We've been having a great time doing the same old thing! Taking advantage of the early spring weather with little field trips to the zoo and afternoons in the backyard. Our afternoons have been filled with library trips, lots of reading, art projects, couch-cushion fort building, and other fun!
Bella enjoyed the opportunity to feed Elsie her first solid food, and they've all had a lot of fun playing pretend together...today they played house (Bella was the mommy of course) and the ever-popular "dog" play, where one kid is the puppy. (so much better than the real thing if you ask me! :)
I've gotten a few extra projects done lately, including painting trees in the kids' bedroom, and finishing some sewing projects I've procrastinated on too long.
We had a great month...and we're all excited about SPRING!

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