Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day!

Exciting things are happening at the
Kreke house. We have been hard at work with some big projects. The living room is in the middle of a decorating redo (all the furniture has been in the middle of the room for over a week while I slowly get the painting done:) and Jason is getting ready to bring in the new kitchen cabinet bases today. He still needs to build the drawers and doors, but he's getting the bases in place so the countertop can be put on. It thrills my heart! (this mama has been waiting a loong time for cabinets!)

Elsie has had her own accomplishments this week. She is up on her feet walking as much she crawls. She is proving to be just as passionate as her siblings. Now when she's displeased she lets me know by looking at me at hollering. So much for a quiet baby girl! :-) Its hard to believe that before the month is up we're going to have a one year old! Amazing

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