Sunday, January 27, 2013

Celebrating Silas

We had a wonderful evening with the family celebrating our Big Boy's 3rd birthday, as well as the birthday of Grandma Huels!
Silas is blessed (as the rest of us are also!) to have so many people that love him...such fantastic grandparents, aunts and uncles.
I'm looking forward to watching Silas grow and learn during his next year. He's a special little guy!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Cute little Krekes

Ramblings from our house...days 16-21 of the Frame A Day photo project...

{Day 16} Watching kids learn to read is one of the coolest parts of homeschooling! Bella and Leo are both doing a great job.
{Day 17} We're so proud of Papa who has been studying day after day for his upcoming exam. He has been working so hard
{Day 18} Elsie thinks she has ownership rights with Mom's iPhone. Since it has a pass code on it now, the only things she can get into are the music and camera. Apparently today she got her hands on the phone and had a photo session...because there were dozens of pictures that looked just like this one :) Good thing she's so cute!
{Day 19} The kids sent a "digital hello" to grandma. Such adorable faces! Before we know it we won't be able to do these 4 photo squares though...we'll need more space for a new little Kreke!
{Day 20} We were all up late last night and very slow to get moving this morning. But we decided to go to the later church service which means we had a little more time to just relax, and make Elsie's face light up with some Papa play time. She has two games that she loves to play: "tee-ko" (tickling) and "pee-ko" (peekaboo). It's so sweet to hear her little voice saying those words!
{Day 21} Silas is such a silly guy! Tomorrow is his last day if being two. We can't wait to see what this next year holds. It is great fun to watch him grow and learn.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Frame A Day...continued

{Day 9} We are so happy to begin school again after our long Christmas break. It is such a relief to finally feel healthy again!

{Day 10} This herb garden is such a blessing! There is nothing quite like being able to pick fresh herbs to season our food in the middle of January. Today we used thyme and oregano in a chicken soup for dinner. Yum!

{Day 11} The Golf is earning its keep today...loaded up with cedar for the fence in the backyard and supplies to tile the upstairs bathroom. Papa knows how to pack a car!

{Day 12} The boys and Mom were alone for a bit this morning while the girls were at the hardware store with Papa. They had a wonderful time playing with the train set...working side by side hardly saying a word.

{Day 13} Elsie woke up at her usual 6 am this morning but obviously needed more rest. She and Papa laid down together on the couch and fell asleep for another two hours! Sweet sleep for two tired people.

{Day 14} 4 kids on a counter=no room to make dinner! :)

{Day 15} This afternoon there was a brief session of playing under the dining room table with all the couch pillows and blankets. It was fun for awhile but two cute boys were behind on sleep today and really needed a nap, so they ended up fast asleep on the couch while Mom worked on her CBS homework. Such a great lazy afternoon.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New clothes for a new role :)

We had to get Elsie a brand new shirt...because in September this baby girl will be a big sister!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Cleaning crew

Silas loves to mop the floor...well actually he loves to spray the cleaner on the floor while someone else pushes the mop. This morning he was thrilled when Isabella offered to mop with him. And he was REALLY excited when he figured out that the more spots he sprayed the faster she would push the mop. It made him laugh so hard that he had to stop spraying to slap his leg a few times while he bellowed out laughter :D
Thankfully Bella was a good sport about it!

Elsie on the mend

Our baby is finally starting to perk up a little and give us a glimpse of "normal Elsie". After three days of holding her morning and night I'm excited for this change. I do love holding this cuddle girl, but taking a shower and cleaning up the house are starting to sound pretty good too! :)

Friday, January 4, 2013

Sick babies make sad moms

We are a pretty healthy family. When the kids get sick it is usually minor illness and over quickly. But poor Elsie has started 2013 being sick and it just keeps persisting. She has had a fever and wanted to sleep all day and night, waking every few hours for something to drink. We miss our perky little girl!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

The end of Christmas

It's hard to believe the Christmas season is nearing the end yet again. I've been more intentional about enjoying our decorations for these last few days before we take them down because it will be nearly a year before we get them out again! But even though the Christmas decorations get packed away, I'm so thankful that the Christmas CHRIST remains to be celebrated every day of the year.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Frame A Day 2013

Last year I read about a mom who made a "Frame A Day" book about the life of their family. She took one photo each day and put them all into a book at the end of year. It was such a blessing to the family; such sweet memories to look back upon... so I've decided to give it a try this year. And I plan on sharing them with you as well. :)

{Day 1} We began the new year spending time with Amy and her new husband, and enjoying a delicious feast.

{Day 2} We all slept in today, which was a welcome thing after so many late nights in a row. Once we finally got going the boys started a Nerf gun fight while I finished making breakfast. It was a fun start to the morning!


We rang in the new year with a crowd at our house this year. 18 kids and their parents came over to celebrate with us. At 8 o'clock on the dot "midnight" happened...with a countdown and a balloon drop. But even though the kids celebrated early, we still ended up making it to the real midnight. It was a great night!