Monday, January 21, 2013

Cute little Krekes

Ramblings from our house...days 16-21 of the Frame A Day photo project...

{Day 16} Watching kids learn to read is one of the coolest parts of homeschooling! Bella and Leo are both doing a great job.
{Day 17} We're so proud of Papa who has been studying day after day for his upcoming exam. He has been working so hard
{Day 18} Elsie thinks she has ownership rights with Mom's iPhone. Since it has a pass code on it now, the only things she can get into are the music and camera. Apparently today she got her hands on the phone and had a photo session...because there were dozens of pictures that looked just like this one :) Good thing she's so cute!
{Day 19} The kids sent a "digital hello" to grandma. Such adorable faces! Before we know it we won't be able to do these 4 photo squares though...we'll need more space for a new little Kreke!
{Day 20} We were all up late last night and very slow to get moving this morning. But we decided to go to the later church service which means we had a little more time to just relax, and make Elsie's face light up with some Papa play time. She has two games that she loves to play: "tee-ko" (tickling) and "pee-ko" (peekaboo). It's so sweet to hear her little voice saying those words!
{Day 21} Silas is such a silly guy! Tomorrow is his last day if being two. We can't wait to see what this next year holds. It is great fun to watch him grow and learn.

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