Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Frame A Day...continued

{Day 9} We are so happy to begin school again after our long Christmas break. It is such a relief to finally feel healthy again!

{Day 10} This herb garden is such a blessing! There is nothing quite like being able to pick fresh herbs to season our food in the middle of January. Today we used thyme and oregano in a chicken soup for dinner. Yum!

{Day 11} The Golf is earning its keep today...loaded up with cedar for the fence in the backyard and supplies to tile the upstairs bathroom. Papa knows how to pack a car!

{Day 12} The boys and Mom were alone for a bit this morning while the girls were at the hardware store with Papa. They had a wonderful time playing with the train set...working side by side hardly saying a word.

{Day 13} Elsie woke up at her usual 6 am this morning but obviously needed more rest. She and Papa laid down together on the couch and fell asleep for another two hours! Sweet sleep for two tired people.

{Day 14} 4 kids on a counter=no room to make dinner! :)

{Day 15} This afternoon there was a brief session of playing under the dining room table with all the couch pillows and blankets. It was fun for awhile but two cute boys were behind on sleep today and really needed a nap, so they ended up fast asleep on the couch while Mom worked on her CBS homework. Such a great lazy afternoon.

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