Monday, December 16, 2013

Happy Holiday Season!

One of the best things about homeschooling is getting to choose your own schedule! And the Krekes have finally come to terms with the fact that school in December just isn't happening. We would rather do schoolwork during the heat of the summer and be able to take Christmas month off! So we have spent the last few weeks getting ready for Christmas, attending early parties, playing in the snow, doing crafts, and playing with all the new toys that are slowly filtering in. 

(We have been making a stack of pictures to stick in the mailboxes of homes that display Jesus when we go driving around to see Christmas lights!)

(They were so cute in their CBS Christmas program!)

(Someone from church anonymously blessed Isabella with her own American Girl doll. She is so thrilled!)

(Our family went along with Bella's American Heritage Girls troop to sing at an assisted living facility. We had fun and they were thrilled to have a man singing along with all those girls and moms ;) 

(Elsie and her friend at a Happy Birthday Jesus party!) 

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