Saturday, December 19, 2015

Merry Christmas!

We've been enjoying our school break, filling our days with games, crafts, eating (these kids are always hungry!), and other fun. It's hard to believe Christmas week is already here! 

The older three kids learn memory verses at kids' church and earn a charm for their necklace for each one memorized. Leo was helping Silas learn this month's verse by cutting apart the words so he could piece them back together like a puzzle. 

We made candy canes with beads on pipe cleaners. All the kids enjoyed this easy craft.

I love my baby boy! :) 

Our "buddy system" had to be revised since the current pairings were just not working out practically...Bella was with Samuel and Leo with Jeremiah (which was more a future buddy pairing since he's still a baby) That left Elsie with no buddy and Silas wishing we would have another baby right now so he could get his buddy. Haha. 
Everyone is happy with the new arrangement (Bella & Elsie, Leo & Samuel, Silas &Jeremiah) so it's a good thing!  

The boys had their Trail Life Christmas party and we all got to go along to Epic 6 Laser Tag arena. It was a great night with fun activities and wonderful people. 

Isabella started on another cross stitch project. (Starting these is a lot more fun than finishing them ;) 

Jeremiah has gotten even more active this week. He is crawling around eating everything he can get his hands on and practicing his standing skills whenever he can find a place to pull up. 

Jason had a holiday open house at his office to say thank you to clients:

The week ended with attending the wedding of one of Jason's cousins. Aren't these two adorable?

We pray that your Christmas week is filled with joy and the proper perspective as you reflect on the great gift of God Incarnate, sent to the earth as a baby. What a great reason to celebrate! 

Friday, December 11, 2015

School during the holiday excitement

We have been busy balancing fun and work here at the Kreke house. Our school work has lessened some during this holiday season since we have had quite a bit of extra activity. 

We added some Christmas crafting time into our school days, which all kids love of course. One day we put together these necklaces with kits someone gave us after Christmas last year (Aunt Debbie was it you? I can't remember!) 

They also have been working on coloring a stack of nativity coloring sheets to get ready for our annual drive around the neighborhood. The papers say "thank you for sharing the true meaning of Christmas with your decorations" We look for homes that feature Jesus in some way and then stick a thank you picture in their mailbox. 

Elsie really, really wanted to do a "special project with mom" that she found in a craft book. This was the little garden scene we made. She LOVED it (4 year olds are easy to please!) 

Big sis helping little brother with a math cut out puzzle: 

The big project we accomplished was (finally) painting the girls room walls.

Jeremiah is fully crawling now, and enjoying getting into all kinds of things. 

Samuel helps "entertain" him while my back is turned. Oh boy :) 

We start our school time together most days by singing a hymn and reading the verses from our scripture memory system. For the Christmas season we switched to singing a Christmas song instead, and the kids got out our instruments. They've been loving it. (It seriously makes a huge racket. Haha) 

Samuel and Elsie occupy themselves in our classroom or the play space while I'm busy with the older kids. Their latest creative endeavor was taking all of the wooden pieces from the different activities and mixing them together. Eek! I need to come up with something more interesting for them because the cleanup for this is not fun! 

We started a new science curriculum (Our Universe by Answers in Genesis). I let the kids decorate their notebooks with pictures of planets, stars, etc, that we cut out of an old book. It's amazing how having customized notebooks makes them want to write in them! 

This weather has been amazing so I've been making the kids go outside. They really have gotten out of the habit of playing outside and it's like pulling teeth to get them to go out :(
So we got out the charts that my mom had given me several months ago. Each child has their own chart or they record their best record as they do different activities. Then they can see themselves improve as they get older. Pretty fun!

It turns out that Elsie is amazing at doing the wheel barrel! She loved being great at something athletic so she wanted to keep doing it over and over. ;) 

Bella doing the challenge of walking with a book balanced on her head:

One morning we went to our friend's house for her annual Happy Birthday Jesus party. It was a great time as usual!

Today was our last day of CBS before the Christmas break, so the kids brought little presents for their teachers. They had so much fun decorating the gift bags! 

Didn't they turn out great!?

The oldest four kids participated in the 12 days of Christmas song. It was so cute. Their teachers are just amazing! What a great program.

Isabella was part of the handbell group. I was impressed!

After CBS we went to an Edward Jones  open house party at the office Jason used to be in. 

What a bunch of cuties!

Fall photos

My childhood friend Gina took some beautiful photos of our family several weeks ago. Such a treasure!

Friday, November 27, 2015

Happy thanksgiving!

We have been on a break from school for the holiday and enjoying ourselves greatly! Last weekend we had a family getaway to our favorite cabin and now we are in the middle of several days of thanksgiving celebrations. We are very blessed indeed. 

Our classroom has been decorated with leaves that the kids colored and cut out. Once we went on break they took them down to give to the grandparents we would see for thanksgiving. Have to make room for the snowflakes! ;) 

Our cabin getaway weekend was wonderful!  

Samuel helping drive the Mule. Such fun! 

Jeremiah could not make it through a single ride without falling asleep :) 

Our school break has consisted of lots of Legos, of course! 

And games...

Thanksgiving day was spent on the farm. Yummy food, music, cleaning, and decorating their house for Christmas.  

Today we decorate our own house and tomorrow we enjoy more feasting with family!