Monday, September 7, 2015

Our first week of school

We were very excited to have a new classroom to work in, and last week was our first week "back at school". Doing school around the dining room table last year was just fine...but being able to have a space designated for learning is extra special. 
I have two "official" students again this year (in the state of Missouri you have to log hours starting in first grade), but Silas is also doing kindergarten work. He's learning how to read and started some math work. And he started memorizing Bible verses. 

This year Isabella and Leo are working on getting better at the basics...math, reading, geography, scripture memorization. They are also starting American History (and making their own timeline books), learning cursive, listening to lots of great books for literature, and learning about the world in our Answers In Genesis science curriculum. We are attending Community Bible Study (CBS) again this year where they are studying the book of Matthew. 
We took our first field trip of the year  to the World Bird Sanctuary, and the bigger kids could name almost all the birds they have there (thanks to faithful watching of their favorite tv show: Wild Kratts! ;) 
It was a fun first week! 

Samuel likes to get in on the action. 

Leo working on putting into correct order the words of the poem he has memorized "Butterfly Wings" 

Here's the link to watch Silas recite the memory verse he learned this week:

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