Friday, September 11, 2015

Week 2

After our week of school work we went to visit our friends who live in the country and do their homeschooling on the second floor of their barn (isn't that fun!?) We also visited Eckert's farm to do apple picking. The holiday made this week a shorter one but we managed to get done most of the "basics". School time continues to be pretty chaotic. We're still settling into our routine and finding ways to occupy the little ones while big kids are needing mom's help. 

Other exciting things this week included Samuel's 2nd birthday, and a big change for the Kreke kids...separate boys/girls bedrooms for the first time ever. 

Visiting our friend's house:

Heading out to pick apples: 

The big "oops" of the trip was that I told all the kids to "only pick the good apples". Everyone seemed to understand, but when I checked Elsie's bag 10 minutes into our picking I discovered it full of apples that were each missing one bite... "They're all good Mama! I checked them all!" Eek. 
Good thing she's so cute! :) 

Enjoying the new boys room (which is especially peaceful at the moment since Samuel is napping!)

Birthday boy enjoying some attention (and cake!) after dinner on Tuesday: 

Silly kids! 

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  1. what color is Elsie's hair?? and still so cute