Sunday, September 20, 2015

Week 3

This week started out really exciting when this mama was surprised with a new washing machine. Woohoo! (thank you, thank you to all the grandparents!!) The next day we had fun at the Kreke family Wiffleball tournament. 

Things went a little downhill from there since several of the kids ended up with colds, which makes everything less fun. We did manage to still get our schoolwork in, and Bella got to visit Cahokia Mounds with her American Heritage Girls troop on Friday. On Saturday she and several of the girls from the troop stood in front of Walmart asking for donations of items to put in the bags they put together for foster care children each year. The boys also got to have fun with the Trail Life troop they are part of. Silas was still slightly under the weather, but nevertheless he had a great time with Leo and Jason at the TL Day Camp.

Other highlights this week:
We found a brand new Rummy Cube game at a thrift store for a $1.42! ;) 
Elsie found a beautiful monarch in our garden that had just fluttered it's final flight. 
After a great Sunday afternoon with friends, we finished out the week back at home making a bonfire in the backyard :) The kids had a blast. It was a good ending to a long week! 

Papa at bat! 

The Wiffleball players:

Rummy cube

It's always fun finding photos that your kids take when you are unaware! :) 
Family thrift store shopping...

Jeremiah likes to be up where the action is: 

Elsie, singing while she rides the scooter:

Our American Heritage Girl, ready to leave for Cahokia Mounds:

Teething is no fun! :(

The great ending to our week:

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