Thursday, September 24, 2015

Week 4

Well we've got a full month of the 2015/16 school year under our belt and, all things considering, it's going pretty well. Still the daily chaos of course (being in a room with 6 kids under the age of 9 is pretty much always somewhat chaotic) However, we are enjoying learning new things and getting better at what was learned before. 

We always say Elsie is our "only child" in the middle of a big family. She loves being lost in her own world with no one bothering her:

Doing bible study homework with a pirate hat on. Totally normal, right? 
"Arrrrugh!"  ;) 

Aunt Amy and baby Isaac stopped by for lunch and an afternoon visit one day. We just can't get enough of photographing these two cousins! 

Isabella practiced face painting which Elsie thoroughly enjoyed!

My babies have still been taking turns not feeling the best. One school session Samuel was being such a handful that I finally put him in the baby carrier, which is what he needed:

Silas working on a math coloring page just for fun...
Some days he's in the mood for schoolwork, some days he's not. I mostly just go with the flow...its kindergarten. There are plenty of years ahead to "buckle down and get to work!" 

Bella drawing the monarch we found. She and Leo are making insect books this year.

Another one of those kid captured photos. This is me on a normal school day...carrying a baby and trying to get kids to pay attention to me. ;-) 

One of Elsie's tea parties:

Big kids working their math word problems on the chalkboard. They seem to enjoy that more than paper sometimes. 

Leo on a schoolwork break, taking apart a table for me. We're trying to get the playroom organized so that there is actually room to play in there. Haha 

Thursday afternoon our "big sister" Allie came over for a few hours. Love her! 

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