Friday, October 2, 2015

Week 5 Fall Fun

This week has flown by. Some of us had a case of the grumps on Monday so we ended up not getting all our schoolwork done...which led into a busy Tuesday! On Wednesday we had a little visitor at our house, who needed a place to stay for the day while his single dad was at work. He was absolutely adorable, and the kids all fell in love with him. That day was a big milestone for us...our ten year wedding anniversary! We had some awesome friends let our kids play at their house while we went out for lunch all by ourselves! ;) Wednesday night we packed up our kids plus our new little buddy and headed to church for supper and worship. 
Thursday, as expected, was a "kids had too much fun/not enough sleep yesterday" hangover, as I refer to it. Jason had to work late, late that night which made it a long day for mom. But we got through, did our schoolwork and organized our playroom besides.
Friday morning brought CBS yet again and then a quiet afternoon before the much anticipated Fall Fest. Our kids had been looking forward to it for months. And the weather was just perfect! 

At work in the schoolroom with our little tag along friend. 

Getting a fun package of school supplies in the mail from Aunt Debbie: 

Jeremiah turned 4 months old! He's also been stuffed up and coughing at night which means he wants to hang out with mom every hour or two...but that's a story for a different blog. 

Waiting with other homeschooled kids for the Azure truck to arrive. We love this once a month delivery because we stock up on lots of yummy groceries. 

Brothers hanging out. 

Helping mommy in the kitchen 

Ready for some fun at Fall Fest! 

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