Friday, October 9, 2015

Week and teeth

The theme of our week was TEETH! After much effort, and some sleepless nights, Jeremiah finally popped out his first tooth! He's also been busy rolling around and trying to scoot across the floor. Way too busy for 4 months old! 

Monday started off with the girls turn for dental visits. Our children are very odd in that they love going to the dentist. In fact the boys (who played at Aunt Amy's house) were sad that they didn't get to go too. Next month guys!

The school week went pretty well. We learned about the Vikings discovering new land (present day Canada) and added that event to the history timelines. Of course, after the boys colored their Viking pictures they had to make them "fight" before they could be glued onto the timelines. Never a dull moment!

Elsie is great at occupying long as no one interrupts her it's all good! 

Samuel busy in the playroom:

And speaking of dramatic moments, Leo was crawling under the table instead of starting his math homework and accidentally knocked out his loose tooth. The show must go on though! Not going to get him out of doing his math work...

Elsie's chalkboard creations get more elaborate all the time! 

Taking a school break to play whiffle ball 

Our tables are covered with schoolbooks AND babies ;) 

Elsie worked on a "five senses" worksheet 

Happy with one tooth at last! (Now if that other one could come through!)

One morning the weather was so very beautiful that I sent the kids outside instead of heading down to the basement classroom. They occupied themselves in the garden, where they came up with a plan to surprise me with sifted dirt. (I just never know what they'll think of next!) They filled an entire 5 gallon bucket by sifting dirt through the screen for our fire pit. 
After I was "surprised" we spread the dirt out and planted lettuce, spinach and kale seeds. We're hoping Jason will build a simple cold frame around them so we can enjoy a few greens before winter. 

Samuel on the swings. He is such a big boy now! Potty trained and doing great! 

More of Elsie's chalkboard art: 

Minus one day that I wanted to crawl in bed and hide till the next day, it was a pretty great week! ;) 

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