Saturday, October 17, 2015

Week 7 Baking, Hiking, and other adventures

The week began with a birthday party celebrating Isabella turning nine. The weather has been beautiful lately so we were able to enjoy being in the backyard!

One of Bella's gifts was an Easy Bake oven, so she's had fun trying out recipes. Her first creation was a little pizza. Everyone had a bite :) 
They also made baked apples with cinnamon sprinkled on top. Those were so good that we had to make a full tray in the real oven. 

We read about Columbus again since this Monday was Columbus Day, and added him to the timelines. 

Elsie showed up to schooltime that day looking like this...(yes, she has wings on)

Silas enjoyed helping me with dinner that night:

On Tuesday (Isabella's actual birthday) Jason left work early and we took a family trip to the new IKEA. Bella spent some of her birthday money and since it was "kids eat free night" we had dinner there too. 

The biggest challenge during school time is keeping the chaos under control. Certain individuals seem to enjoy causing a bit of a ruckus.
On Wednesday Silas stayed busy making a target on the chalkboard. He even wrote numbers in each of the rings, which took a lot of concentration for him. Afterwards they shot Nerf darts at it, and took slow-motion videos to see where the darts hit ;)

Leo lost yet another tooth this week. He actually came to me in the middle of the night frantically saying that it needed to be pulled out. By the time I woke up enough to understand what was going on, he had "pulled out" the tooth...but I have a feeling it practically fell out on it's own. This boy has the strangest tooth stories!

Baking continued this week with making our own pretzels. The kids were really thrilled with that activity!

We've been trying to spend afternoons in the backyard. The weather is just so wonderful. 

After our CBS classes on Friday we spent the afternoon at Mastodon State Park. 

Putting on their tough faces before the hike...

We took the picture in front of the STL250 Cake, of course. 
Two photos down, 248 to go. ;) 

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