Saturday, October 24, 2015

Week 8

We had a bit of a rough start to the week with some really challenging attitudes carried over from last week that made our school time difficult.. I was feeling very discouraged but a beautiful thing happened when Jeremiah woke up reeeeally early the next morning. I put him back to sleep and got to have an extra hour and a half with the Lord before the family woke up. That time in prayer (asking for the Holy Spirit's help in both changing hearts and giving me wisdom to know how to respond to these challenges) refreshed me and gave me a new focus. I'm so thankful! 

Jeremiah is growing up fast! Rolling all around and pulling himself across the wood floor until he bumps into something, poor guy! 

Silas wanted to do "real adding" like Bella and Leo do:

Isabella got to be the flag bearer at the American Heritage Meeting this week. 

The three oldest have been really excited about writing and illustrating their own informational books. Isabella's is about horses, Leo's is all about weapons, and Silas is making a book about baseball:

Samuel got ahold of this toy and figured it out immediately. I'm always amazed at the fine motor skills that toddlers can have. 

At work:

Samuel wants to be just like the big kids: "Read please!"

The girls attended their third annual Father-Daughter Royal Ball, escorted by their handsome date :) 

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