Friday, November 27, 2015

Happy thanksgiving!

We have been on a break from school for the holiday and enjoying ourselves greatly! Last weekend we had a family getaway to our favorite cabin and now we are in the middle of several days of thanksgiving celebrations. We are very blessed indeed. 

Our classroom has been decorated with leaves that the kids colored and cut out. Once we went on break they took them down to give to the grandparents we would see for thanksgiving. Have to make room for the snowflakes! ;) 

Our cabin getaway weekend was wonderful!  

Samuel helping drive the Mule. Such fun! 

Jeremiah could not make it through a single ride without falling asleep :) 

Our school break has consisted of lots of Legos, of course! 

And games...

Thanksgiving day was spent on the farm. Yummy food, music, cleaning, and decorating their house for Christmas.  

Today we decorate our own house and tomorrow we enjoy more feasting with family! 

Friday, November 13, 2015

Week ?

The holidays must be near because I'm losing track of the weeks. Where are they slipping away to? We planned to take a week break from school around Thanksgiving and then a couple weeks off at Christmas too. 
This past week was a productive one. I honestly don't want to go on a school break because we have a good routine going...but sometimes a pause is good for the soul. So a break we will take! 

Our whirlwind trip to Nashville went pretty well. The hotel pool was definitely the highlight for the kids! 

Hanging out with cousin Laya: 

Making their own waffles at breakfast: 

Aunt Angela took some photos of the girls the day of Erin and Eric's wedding. Aren't they beauties? 

On the ride down we actually had a great time! One of the activies the kids did was to keep track of every state we saw on a license plate. I never thought we'd see this many! 

Back home we jumped into school again. 

Educational games make school so fun. This is a "whale facts game" someone gave us. 

Of course while we're busy at the desk, Samuel finds ways to entertain himself. Sometimes in a very orderly way...

And sometimes not! 

One afternoon the kids made us some classroom wall art with paint dotters.  
I wish I could say I was a super fun mom who let her kids do art all the would think so since I was once an art major in college! Hmmm. 

They are doing a great job memorizing this poem about Paul Revere. I just write the lines out and stick them on the bulletin board. The kids do the rest!

The three older kids decided to write their own informational books...

Leo's book about weapons:

Silas is making a book about baseball:

And Isabella's is about horses, of course:

Some days Elsie loves school; some days she's off playing dress-up. Works for me! 

When Jeremiah is not crawling around on the floor or in mama's arms, he watches the action from this seat. It won't be long before you're right in there with them, little buddy! 

Friday, November 6, 2015

Weeks 9 & 10...where has the time gone?

These past two weeks have flown by! We are currently in the van on our way to Nashville for a wedding so I finally have a moment to sit down and update the blog. In addition to the normal craziness of our wonderful life I've been moving through the "Bible in 90 days" plan, which means quite a bit of reading time for me. If I stay on track I should finish on Christmas Eve. It's that neat timing? I love how God works out those little details. :) 

Jeremiah has been growing by leaps and bounds. The day before he turned 5 months he figured out this...

It didn't take long before he started doing an inchworm action to scoot along. Once he learns how to pick up one of his hands it's all over! He'll be a full fledged crawler before we know it. 

School is carrying on as usual. The kids are memorizing the old poem "Paul Revere's Ride". They love to memorize things! 

Jeremiah celebrated 5 months of life...he's cuter than ever!

Silas was taking photos of the family one day. He got some great shots :) 

We had the Houston's over for a family night last Saturday. We love these kids like they're ours. 

The next day we celebrated cousin Laya's birthday at her "art party". The kids each got to paint their own mini birdhouse. 

We've been changing things up during math time by playing games. "Time Bingo" is a really fun one! Definitely worth the dollar it cost me at Target last year  ;) 

It's that time of year fill up our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. (Has it really been a year already?!) We were so blessed this year by an unexpected gift from someone at church who gave us money for our shoebox shopping trip. 

Silly kids...

The boys have been really enjoying their Trail Life troop. Jason is their leader so it makes it extra special :) 

One of the older boys taught them a new game last Tuesday: 

While the boys were at their meeting and Bella was at her AHG meeting, the younger three kids and I went to fill up the gas tank...and didn't quite make it. Oops. 
Fortunately we have great friends. Jason's fellow Trail Life dad came to our rescue. 

So here we are, four hours into the trip and so far we're having fun! :-)