Friday, November 27, 2015

Happy thanksgiving!

We have been on a break from school for the holiday and enjoying ourselves greatly! Last weekend we had a family getaway to our favorite cabin and now we are in the middle of several days of thanksgiving celebrations. We are very blessed indeed. 

Our classroom has been decorated with leaves that the kids colored and cut out. Once we went on break they took them down to give to the grandparents we would see for thanksgiving. Have to make room for the snowflakes! ;) 

Our cabin getaway weekend was wonderful!  

Samuel helping drive the Mule. Such fun! 

Jeremiah could not make it through a single ride without falling asleep :) 

Our school break has consisted of lots of Legos, of course! 

And games...

Thanksgiving day was spent on the farm. Yummy food, music, cleaning, and decorating their house for Christmas.  

Today we decorate our own house and tomorrow we enjoy more feasting with family! 

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