Saturday, December 19, 2015

Merry Christmas!

We've been enjoying our school break, filling our days with games, crafts, eating (these kids are always hungry!), and other fun. It's hard to believe Christmas week is already here! 

The older three kids learn memory verses at kids' church and earn a charm for their necklace for each one memorized. Leo was helping Silas learn this month's verse by cutting apart the words so he could piece them back together like a puzzle. 

We made candy canes with beads on pipe cleaners. All the kids enjoyed this easy craft.

I love my baby boy! :) 

Our "buddy system" had to be revised since the current pairings were just not working out practically...Bella was with Samuel and Leo with Jeremiah (which was more a future buddy pairing since he's still a baby) That left Elsie with no buddy and Silas wishing we would have another baby right now so he could get his buddy. Haha. 
Everyone is happy with the new arrangement (Bella & Elsie, Leo & Samuel, Silas &Jeremiah) so it's a good thing!  

The boys had their Trail Life Christmas party and we all got to go along to Epic 6 Laser Tag arena. It was a great night with fun activities and wonderful people. 

Isabella started on another cross stitch project. (Starting these is a lot more fun than finishing them ;) 

Jeremiah has gotten even more active this week. He is crawling around eating everything he can get his hands on and practicing his standing skills whenever he can find a place to pull up. 

Jason had a holiday open house at his office to say thank you to clients:

The week ended with attending the wedding of one of Jason's cousins. Aren't these two adorable?

We pray that your Christmas week is filled with joy and the proper perspective as you reflect on the great gift of God Incarnate, sent to the earth as a baby. What a great reason to celebrate! 

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