Saturday, January 16, 2016

Life lately

We've been back at our school work, and also enjoying some special events here and there. I have organized the Father Daughter Night for Isabella's American Heritage Girls for the last several years, and this year was a Game Night. It was a fun time! Everyone brought their favorite game and a snack to share. We had "minute to win it" challenges every half hour and an area where dads and daughters could get their photo taken. Good times. 

On Thursday we took advantage of the gorgeous weather and went to the zoo with Aunt Amy and baby Isaac. The kids had some great conversations with the zookeeper volunteers, and I got to have great conversations with my sister. It was a successful trip all around! (Not to mention we saw an adorable baby orangutan!) 

Other things we've done...

Isabella's AHG troop collected items to fill bags for kids placed in emergency foster care

These two have been a bit of a handful lately! 

Don't turn your back while you're unloading the dishwasher!

Watching a video about gravity. 

We made a stop at the library this week 

A mattress in the basement has helped get out the wiggles between school subjects. 

We start out our school morning with "circle time", where we go through our scripture memory box, listen to mom read a poem, and sing a hymn together. Honestly it is so crazy hard to get all the kids sitting down to do this. I kept getting attitudes, or little ones fighting, etc. Finally I brought down my tea pot and served hot tea at this time. It helped SO much! 
We had a brief glimpse of snow that got everyone excited. 

Samuel was so proud to have made this at church. He kept saying "I made that!" over and over. 

Isabella designed on paper first then made this message with the rubber bands, just for fun. 

On journaling day (when I was feeling pretty frustrated by several things) Leo surprised me by choosing to write about me. That's pretty high praise since he usually writes about super heroes, spies, or something like that! 

Elsie has been wanting to paint a lot lately. She reminds me so much of Isabella at that age. 

Our day at the Zoo: 

My baking helpers. Other than some short-lived fights, these two have been having so much fun together this week! 

The AHG Father Daughter Game Night:

Jeremiah was so tolerant of these little girls who all wanted to hold him and pass him around...and around...and around...


All smiles at the photo booth corner

Cleanup time! 

Changes are on the horizon for our school day. We've been having lots of disruption from the younger kids and some resistance from others (ok, just overall chaos!), so I realized that I need a structured schedule to keep things running more smoothly, and give me some pre planned time to spend with the little ones so they don't feel pushed to the side.  I've got some plans I'm putting onto paper, so we'll see how it goes. It's a constantly evolving process...learning how to parent a large family!

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