Saturday, February 27, 2016

Week twenty-something ;)

Have I said before what a blessing it is to be able to homeschool? Motherhood is such a hard job, but I am so thankful to be able to draw closer to the Lord every day because of it. 

Silas has the realization that he could read "real books" and he was thrilled! Our 30 minutes of silent reading in the afternoons is suddenly more fun for him, since he doesn't have to just sit and look at pictures, but actually wants to read the words as well. 

We spend a weekend at our favorite cabin, and had a wonderful time even though it was cold. These kids just love being in the vast outdoors. 

Last week we attended our first "homeschool day" at the Missouri History Museum. It was a lot of fun! We definitely will be going again.

The kids really enjoy the snap circuit kit! Leo will sit and work on it for an hour at a time. He's learning so much!

Isabella started making a braided rag rug. She is at the point now where i need to help her start sewing it together. 

Elsie wanted to do "stitching like Sissy", so I set up a simple project by drawing a shape on a piece of fabric for her to stitch over. She got the hang of it right away and did a great job!

Jason is helping the older three make derby cars. They are so excited!

We are up to the 1770s in our history timeline, and learning about what life was like at the beginning of our country. We will probably linger in this time period for a while. There are so many interesting things to talk about!
I'm learning right along with the kids! That's one of the biggest benefits to homeschooling. :) 

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Catching up

It's been a while since I posted here on the blog! We've been busy keeping this house of 8 under management (and certain small sized Krekes have been needing quite a bit of managing lately!). I began a new school routine, made a few positive household changes (like a new laundry system!), and also got the family through a brief bout of stomach flu.

This week we have been doing a few Valentine's Day activities. Our paper "mailboxes" are hung up and receiving the valentines that are crafted here and there during the afternoons. 
We also tried dropping watered down paint onto coffee filters to decorate the verse "We love him because He first loved us" (1 John 4:19)

Elsie and Samuel have been needing a bit of distraction some days while Mom is teaching the bigger kids. They've really been enjoying their "singing show", as they call it. It's an old worship DVD we were given awhile back that has kids singing and doing hand motions. Both kids try to mimic it all and it's pretty adorable. 

I've been more intentional about doing projects with Elsie. She's at the age where she is wanting to do big girl things. In some of my things I found a book of "books for kids to make". Elsie and Silas both are enjoying them...and Isabella would make them all day if I let her because "coloring" is probably her favorite school subject (just kidding ;) 

Keeping Samuel busy is one of my main school objectives lately. Stringing beads captured his attention for at least 7 minutes before he started tossing them over his shoulder...because, after all, throwing is one of Samuels favorite activities. In spite of my best efforts, at the end of our morning school session it typically looks like we broke open a piƱata of school supplies in our classroom. Haha. 

We've been getting faster at subtraction with borrowing during our math time this week. 

And one day the classroom turned into a valentine making party:

Jeremiah turned eight months old! He is starting to let go of things to practice standing by himself, and cruises along furniture sometimes too. But his favorite way to get around is still crawling. He's good at it :)  He is such a happy baby! Crawls around an plays most of the day and is a great sleeper. Still not interested in any solid food but I'm sure that day is just around the corner. 

Silas turned 6 years old and Jason built a BB gun shooting box to practice with the Red Ryder he received. It's great fun. 

And, of course, when you want to practice shooting while Papa's at work and you can't use the BB gun, nerf guns work pretty great too! 

This is the schedule guide I stuck on our wall to help give me an idea of the flow of our school morning. So far it's working pretty good. We'll see how it goes long term. 

Lots of fun over here! We are blessed!