Monday, May 2, 2016

Skateboards, Springtime, and Chocolate

I've been so busy "living" that I've been forgetting to take photos lately. Jere are a few from the last couple of weeks. 

Jason helped the kids make a skateboard and they have fun sitting on it together to ride down the sidewalk hill. 

Elsie asked me to write out math problems for her one day. Monkey see, monkey do! :) 

We had a good time exploring with the Houston's at a park after a Friday CBS class. Isn't this tree root amazing?! 

Buddies... So adorable 

So many things are wrapping up for the summer. We had our final CBS class and in the next two weeks both the American Heritage Girls and Trail Life groups have their final meetings and awards ceremonies. 
The boys have sold almost all the chocolate bars for their Trail Life fundraiser, but they still have about a dozen delicious peanut butter chocolate bars left if anyone is interested! :)