Saturday, June 18, 2016

Jeremiah turns ONE

We celebrated our sweet boy turning ONE with a Dr. Suess themed birthday party. Jeremiah is such a fun little boy who is growing up so fast! He watches his siblings and tries to mimic whatever they do. We're continually amazed by the things we see him do. He is one smart little guy!

Some of Jeremiah's favorite things are playing "stick ball" (finding anything stick-like to hit a ball with), dancing when he hears music, pushing cars around while making "car noises", giving hugs with his arms wrapped around your neck, playing outside, smiling, laughing, "reading books", trying to shoot nerf guns, racing or wrestling with Samuel, and pretending to be a puppy dog (crawling and panting with his tongue hanging out whenever the kids tell him to be a doggy...hilarious)  We love watching him learn new things every day! What a blessing he is to our lives.

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