Thursday, July 21, 2016

Summer at our house

The summer has been busy and wonderful. We alternate between hours of playing, reading, and a little structured school time here and there. The big kids have each participated in a camp with the troops they are part of, as well as a few other activities. Jeremiah has thrown off the "baby" status and joined in with the older kids the best he can, which mostly means making huge messes and climbing onto things he shouldn't. The days are never boring!

We found cocoons in the backyard and watched them turn into moths...

 Many hours are spent on the couch with a pile of books...

We have a super strong magnet that is super fun to play can hold an entire box of paper clips through plastic!

Every silly person getting in on the act...

A magnet in your pocket is pretty cool...

Most mornings before Jason leaves for work he leads us through Our 24 Family Ways, the book we're going through as a family. It has coloring sheets to go with it, which is Elsie's favorite part, of course.

On free days we're continuing to work on the unfinished projects in our house renovation. Our hope is to get the house to a more finished state by next year so we can consider selling and moving to a home with more room to run! It's a big job so we'll see what happens. Maybe a handy person with extra time on their hands will come over and lend a hand. We can always dream right?! :)

Sundays are family days. After church last Sunday Jason helped Leo create a remote controlled lego car using some old hand-me-down toys. Pretty cool!

Time keeps marching on! God is faithful to carry us through.

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