Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Happenings in August

We've been enjoying our month off school, working on projects at the house and taking some special outings. 

Silas got his very own library card for completing our learn to read curriculum, a big deal at our house!

We spent a day at our friend's farm...

And another day at Six Flags using the free tickets the kids got from being a part of last years reading program. As you can see by the picture, some of us enjoyed the day more than others. Haha. 

(At least she liked the Ferris Wheel!)

(Apparently our family has exceeded the number of people allowed in one car, so they had to split us up!)

Samuel and Elsie had an afternoon of painting. He was so careful and precise with his work. 

Elsie got two adorable "Dolly and Me" outfits for her birthday.

We also visited the Magic House with free tickets the kids that earned at the summer library program. I've been loving all these free tickets! Saint Louis is such a great city to live in.

The mosquitoes at our house have been so bad that the kids don't want to hang out outside much, so we took another trip back to the amazing sprinkler park that's in the middle of the park downtown off Market Street.

Isabella got to go on an hour long trail ride with her American Heritage Girl troop.  She absolutely loved it.

Elsie also had to try out her new skates "for real" one evening so we all headed to the skating rink. (If you have kids 10 and under you can get free weekly passes at the Kids Skate Free website!)

When she's not gallivanting around the city, Elsie spends time creating such things as this amazing front porch artwork...
So cool! :-) I love kids creativity.

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