Thursday, October 13, 2016


We've been keeping busy (always) over here. In addition to the "normal" schooling that happens most days we've been doing lots of work to our home to prepare for putting it on the market, as well as trying to discern where God is leading us to live next. There are so many unknowns in our life right now! But we know that God can see what we cannot, and we're trusting that if we follow Him we will never be lead astray.

In the school room we're keeping up with the daily work and doing a few fun projects here and there. We made "Sumerian seals" for our History lesson, and spent a day putting together a scrapbook of our vacation this summer.

Typing random letters in a Word document is a favorite among the shorter crowd!

Isabella had a craft time with Samuel and helped him make this neat paper garland.

Every other Tuesday the girls attend American Heritage Girls and the boys head to their Trail Life meeting. Our Trail Life troop is fairly new and Jason has been leading the K-5 boys since the beginning. This week we were so thankful to have a dedicated dad come over and bring some fresh ideas and great organizational skills to the table. They met for a few hours while all the kids played, and got a lot done. I'm so excited to see the way our troop is going to benefit from their work. 

The girls helped collected donations (for the bags they give to foster children who have to be taken abruptly from their homes) in front of Walmart a few Saturdays ago.

Soooooo...this is Jeremiah when you turn your back for a moment:
climbing the computer desk...

or doing creative things like digging the glue out of a glue stick with a pencil. Where does he come up with these ideas?

We found the right place for great prices on air drying clay, which is a good thing because it looks like we'll be needing lots of it this year. History clay projects are a hit with this crowd!

When our Saturdays are free we tackle a project or two off the "house to do list". Of course it's more fun when Grandpa and Grandma join in :)

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