Monday, December 5, 2016

Preparing for Christmas

December is part of the reason we homeschool year round, rather then taking a long summer break. There's something about this month that just makes "normal" schoolwork hard to do! So we are switching gears and doing things differently this month. 

The day after Thanksgiving is Decorating Day at the Kreke house! Grandpa stopped by to read books to the little ones and hold a fussy baby while the rest of us worked. The big kids decorated the tree themselves again this year. They do such a great job! I don't have any "off limits" Christmas decorations. All of these little hands are so excited to help, I'd rather risk having a broken decoration or two than to turn them away. 

 Setting up the manger scene.

 Grandpa reading "The Best Present" book by Dave Ramsey

We also had a fun "Allie Day" with our favorite teenager. She helped the kids make snowflakes to hang on the front window, and taught them how to make origami paper balloons. We just love when Allie comes to visit!

I listened to the latest Sally Clarkson video today and it made me stop and think again about the Christmas traditions we've developed for our family, and gave me some ideas for new ones to add. I'll write some more about that later! 

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