Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Big Family, Tiny House

Since we shared our plans to live in a space under 500 square feet, we've naturally had a lot of questions about what that will look like. I just uploaded a video to our YouTube channel where we explain the plan and show the building that will be converted into our tiny home. For those who wanted to look up-close at the sketched plan, I've included them here...

A few notes:

The mudroom/laundry area will have a shorter ceiling in order to fit a loft above it that will be the "master bedroom" ;)  Many tiny houses use a ladder to access the loft space, but since we have so many small children we would really like to be able to squeeze in a small staircase instead (with a closet space underneath it).

I plan to have floor to ceiling shelving in the laundry room where we will store the majority of the clothing. We will also have pull out drawers under the bunk beds. 

In the kids bedroom there will be two sets of 3-high bunk beds, and the kids will each have a locker for their things in the "hallway" outside their room. 

Since we will have a storage unit on our property for things that we plan to save for the "someday big ole' farmhouse", I decided to use that space to house a toy rotation system. We'll just pull out one bin of toys at a time and then rotate it with a new one every couple weeks to keep things interesting. The shelves in the "dining room" will house both dishes/kitchen ware and homeschooling supplies. There will also be a big shelf in the living room for the tv, books, and additional school supplies.

I'm excited to see how the plan actually works, outside my head.  =) 

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